Elb Planslibemaskiner smartLine Basic
The new standard in precision grinding

The smartLine covers the entire spectrum of travelling table grinding machines. From simple reciprocation surface grinding through speed-stroke, slot and profile grinding all the way to creep-feed grinding. This machine concept solves every grinding task. The machine‘s versatile building block system is designed to allow almost any combination of components to solve your specific grinding task.

There are three pre-defined base sizes for simple surface grinding applications. These smartLine Basic machines come with a hydraulic table drive, are fully equipped and are ready to grind. These basic configurations can always be customized with different table drive systems, guide technologies and controls packages. Options and auxiliary equipment provide complete customization possibilities.

Benefit Overview

  • Good cost-performance ratio
  • High-powered spindle
  • Roll dressing unit on spindle head
  • Flexible process guidance
  • Multi-axes machining