MAS Automation Turnkey projekts

Process of the Project

    1. Technical study
      • Consultation of the offer?
      • Preliminary technical study and draft design?
      • Consultation of financial sources and investment return rate    

    2. Detailed offer
      • Detailed technological study and capacity calculations
      • Optimizing of material flows and identification of production narrow points
      • Proposal of the automatizing optimum level
      • Proposal of layout, control system and production reporting

    1. Realization
      • Delivery of turnkey project, incl. project management of various suppliers
      • Programming of machines, robots and manipulation system, as well as communication between these individual elements
      • Final commissioning and hand-over of the workplace, incl. documentation
      • Training of operator and maintenance

    2. Service

      • Consulting service and spare parts throughout the world
      • Advisory services and diagnostics of problems by means of remote diagnostics
      • Reconstruction of the project acc. to new requirements, software updates etc.